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Rugved Deshpande

Product & UX Designer

Stonehenge and The Roman Baths, UK



(Note: Due to a technical issue, a portion of the speech isn't audible. Thus the transcription for the same is different from what was actually stated.)

Hello everyone. I'm Rugved Deshpande. I’m here in the UK for my masters in Design Management. It's been like seven months I've been in England to, for doing my masters. And also starting with the presentation, this is just a brief presentation of capturing moments because in my midterm break I'm really fond of visiting all historical places. Some monuments, the palaces, the cathedrals, the churches. So this, this is just a brief presentation of capturing moments. So before starting with the presentation, I would just like to mention that this presentation is all about providing a brief overview of United Kingdom’s heritage sites. And also the presentation is strictly confidential and will only be used for the project purposes.
So basically I visited many places, but we in the recent times in a couple of months I’ve visited these two heritage sites. The first is the stone hinge and the second one is the Roman Baths. I will be going through all these in a ‘brief visuals and a text’ format. So here's to it.
So the first one is the English heritage site, which is known as the Stonehenge. Stonehenge, it's really old from the age of Crohn's age. So basically it's a prehistoric monument, which is located at the Wilshire area of England. It's the outermost part of England. So these stones are basically 13 feet. The biggest stones are 13 feet tall, and the smaller ones are seven to eight feet tall. So this is the whole map of the whole Stonehenge area.
It's a huge area, basically. So, this map will directly guide you how… how the user is going to start from point A to point B, because when you start, this is there, it's, it's there at the ticket counter. So from ticket counter there is a bus to Stonehenge, and so the bus will directly drive you through the actual location where all the stones are located.
These are the huts, basically this is the kind of a museum they have. So all the artifacts, the small stones and everything like from the Stonehenge are located here inside the huts. So it's a small museum type of thing. So basically the material from which these stones… So this is the actual Stonehenge area. So all the tourists are allowed to take photos, videos, they can vlog, any kind of thing we can do inside the stone, but you can't go inside that particular stones or inside that area.
So just for information, these stones… The material of these stones are Sarsen stone and Bluestone. So it's, it's really old. And also the height of these stones are 13 feet to almost seven to eight feet tall. So this is the arrow showing the direction of the sunset from one end and from the opposite end it shows the direction of the sunrise.
So basically these are kind of directions from where you can see the sun, so it's, you can feel like the sun is really close to that surface. That's the kind of area.
So yeah, this was the whole video of that actual monument where it was located. So the, so currently it is owned by the UNESCO site of England, so it is preserved in a proper manner.
So this is the whole surrounding area of Stonehenge. Its vast basically. So there is grassland, it's an open area, there is a small highway. So basically it's one of the most famous landmark in United Kingdoms because Stonehenge is exactly regarded as a British cultural icon. […] 4 million people regularly […] come here to visit just the Stonehenge part, which is located in the outermost part of England. And, now it's a world heritage site, which is owned by UNESCO.
So moving towards… ‘The journey towards the Roman Baths’. So it's…the Bath is… It's also located in the outermost part of the England. It takes around two to three hours from Stonehenge to reach the Roman Baths… the proper area. It's a small city, beautiful city! You can see cathedrals, churches all over the place. You can see small rivers, lakes and small trees.
Yeah, so this is the actual door of the Roman baths. So Roman baths are basically well preserved from the bronze age. It's all about the Roman Britains, which used to live here. So they had proper kingdom kind of a thing; which they could have at temples, they could have ponds, they could have their own museum, their houses, their rooms, et cetera, et cetera.
So this is the actual place where the Romans used to bathe on a daily basis. So it's a natural water hot spring. Actually, but for the tourists, they can't go inside that because it's not allowed. But the, the overall area, we can directly go have some pictures, take some pictures, and also take some videos if you want.
These are the Roman… Roman leaders all over the place… which the, they had ruled all over place. So it's the whole sculpture of it. So this is the hot Spring. So they have explained how the hot spring worked exactly. Because this is an natural thing from ages here. So this was the whole thing captured because when you enter the Roman Baths, so they have like vertical artifacts, the artifacts below the artifacts there, it's a proper information of it. So it's a proper overall organized site for the tourists so that they can have what I could say… The information also side by side and also they could take, they could take visuals of it simultaneously.

This is a natural hot water bath running 24/7 throughout. it is located inside the Roman bath surrounding and before the souvenir shop. The whole Roman bath is surrounded by the temples, the bath abbey, small houses,roman bath room, caves etc. In the past how Romans lived here, how they were surviving throughout the decade it's all shown and you as a tourist can definitely visit those places inside.

So this is after going to that, there is a Roman Bath Abbey. It's also a huge thing over there because people, So this is the whole area inside the Bath Abbey. It's, it's a huge, huge thing all over the place. So the surrounding consist of a Bath city center. So which exactly… the city center exactly includes the Bath Abbey, the Roman Bath sculpture, the Roman leaders and temples and porch. So it's a huge area. It's a really crowded area, but definitely it's a worth watching site. And after that, after coming out from the Bath Abbey, towards the highway there is a Bath cathedral. So there are many small cathedral churches, all over the place. So this was the whole journey towards these two sites I have captured.
It was a worth watching. So definitely I would recommend all of you or if you, if some people are in England to doing students or who are doing the Masters. So definitely they should visit these places. They are really worth watching and also they could have more information about that. So yeah, this is it.

Thank you.

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