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About Us

The Museum Memories Project’ was launched on 15th April 2020 by VarnikaDesigns. It was an immediate resolution to the problems arising out of the pandemic like people unable to reach museums or heritage sites, collections being locked in for indefinite times and lack of access to education especially for the poor in developing countries. Basically, the communities that museums are supposed to connect to were deprived of them, some on the verge of oblivion.

It is an oral history documentation project that encourages museum visitors to delve deep into their minds and feel uninhibited while sharing their memories, revealing a treasure house of diverse experiences, unknown to museum staff.

It is an accessible and inclusive free platform where everyone can upload their memories and others benefit from these.

MuMe in a diagram

The project intends to: 

  • Bring the world closer by shared stories.

  • Decolonise the museum space by letting the visitors speak freely of their personal associations with museums

  • Make collections and histories of humankind free from physical boundaries

  • Encourage multiple narratives and dialogues

  • Seek newer interpretations for them, collaborate, share, and connect to entire humanity through history, art and heritage

  • The individual is the core to world heritage and culture – that lone voice that is not always heard

  • Act as a resource tool for museum and heritage professionals as it presents a unique opportunity to them to study these collective memories of museum

  • Serve as a free digital database of museums globally accessible to educators and students

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