'The Museum Memories Project’ is an accessible and inclusive oral history documentation platform launched on 15th April 2020 due to the Covid 19 pandemic-triggered global lockdown to bring the world closer through the sharing of personal memories of museums visited by the contributor in any corner of the globe. 


It invites museum visitors to delve deep into their minds and feel uninhibited and happy sharing their memories, revealing a treasure house of diverse experiences, unknown to museums till now. The project empowers visitors into becoming catalysts of decolonising the museum space by encouraging multiple narratives and dialogues as they become the creator, curator and consumer of their own history. It helps unlock collections from closed doors, guaranteeing their longevity in a pandemic world where communities stand endangered, on the brink of losing their identity and histories as museums are shut! 


People from all over the globe are invited to share their museum memories through artwork, stories, photographs, audios, and videos in any language. Find link for uploading memories here:


Our project have a Youtube channel with two components: 'Impresario: The Heritage Foundry' - with a series of interviews with experts from the museum, heritage, arts and crafts sectors and a partnership with museums called ‘Museum Musafir: A Museum Insider’s Tale’ where museum staff - curators to attendants - speak about their favourite artefacts, spaces, moments and memories at their workplace. 


The project is a free digital educational archive and resource for museum and professionals, teachers and students, and anyone interested in their own story.