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Meet The Team

'The Museum Memories Project' derives its energy from a dynamic group of young enthusiastic, adventurous creative minds from the professions of design, heritage, technology and museums. Their innovative ideas have created this unique free, digital resource.

We are taking small steps to ensure it becomes more accessibile and inclusive. Thank you for being there 🙂

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Poulomi Das

The project was found by Poulomi Das on 15th April, 2020. She has 20 years of experience in museum planning, curation, research, content creation and designing collection management systems. She attempts to make Indian museums more accessible and inclusive.

She has twice received the Nehru Trust Fellowship to the British Museum and the Victoria & Albert Museum, London, and been the International Visitor Leadership Programme Fellow of the US Department of State, Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs. Poulomi is also an educator, blogger, cultural interpreter.

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Experience Design Lead

Manu Srivastava

The user is the core of this project and Manu ensured that throughout. He led the first team of interns and continues to motivates us.

Manu graduated in design and found himself drawn toward digital technologies and the possibilities within them. He started his journey as a user experience designer and realised soon after (in 2020, the year of the pandemic) that he wants to take a deep dive into this world of digital phantasm. He is currently pursuing a master's degree in 'Digital Humanities and Digital Knowledge', Italy, where he is learning (amongst other stuff) how to make computers understand poetry.

In his free time, he can be found reading books about language, history, design, and art, with a coffee by his side.

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Intern: User Interaction, 2020

Tressa Joseph

The project's user profiles and their requirements were thoroughly assessed by Tressa through several user surveys. She has capably steered the project towards easy user navigation and acceptability.

Tressa is a history enthusiast, F1 fan, anime binger and expert tea maker in contrast to also being an industrial design graduate. Currently Tressa is working as a UX designer specialising in complex digital B2B design.

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Intern: Identity & Social Media Design, 2020

Kareena Vaswani

Obsessed with museums + design, Kareena helped create the project's identity and painstakingly designed a beautiful concept for our Instagram profile (which the Founder, sadly, managed to distort). Do check Kareena's commendable work on our project's Insta page. Scrollll downnnn...

A communication designer, Kareena loves to explore through travel, literature and art.

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Intern: Communication & Social Media Design, 2020

Prachi Joshi

A fresh breath of air was infused by Prachi for the projects' visual language and narrative. The entire social media campaign focussed on 'Durga Pujo' and 'Impressario' was Prachi's. This beautiful work was well appreciated.

Prachi is a freelance spatial storyteller and a knowledge-hog. She has had a love-hate relationship with museums since childhood- love for what they could be, hate for what they currently are.

Prachi works primarily as a visitor experience & interpretation designer for Indian museums. Her expertise lies in narrative building, experience design and communication strategy development for physical and virtual spaces.

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Narrative Design Lead

Ashwini Parihar

Since the first month of its start, Ashwini guided the design decisions of the project. He has led the first team of interns and designed the project's inclusive identity. He dreams of transforming this website into an interactive game!

As a Visual designer Ashwini has a strong affinity to storytelling. He finds his inspiration in stories he grew up with. He aims to tell stories through his own work and loves exploring new styles and medium which can help him grow not only as a designer but also as a storyteller.

Ashwini has an awesome collection of toys, specially cars.

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Identity Design Team & our Website Designer

Deeptanshu Sanyal

Our hero!

Deeptanshu finds it difficult to see intermediate colours, whichever has either red or green or both. He has turned his visual impairment into an advantage for this project and ensured its accessibility to those with colour impairments through the selection of our project's colour scheme.

The Team’s caricatures were made by Deeptanshu during our very long online discussions :) He is our website designer too!!!

Deeptanshu is a visual communication designer, specialising in comics and illustration. Also making way into UI/UX by self-learning. He also has an avid interest in listening, singing and playing music. Gaming is his favourite leisure activity.

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Intern: Identity Design, 2020

Apeksha Parmar

She fought her way into the project and as the youngest intern in her foundation year, Apeksha showered us with crazy ideas, inspiration and love.

Apeksha, takes pleasure in imprinting visually enticing graphics on people’s minds. She fancies creating unique combinations of letters and illustrations. Fascinated by nature and geometry inspired products, she enjoys making working prototypes, models and creating forms with origami.

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Video Editor, 2020

Bharat Manoj

The video editor of the first set of interviews with senior museum directors and curators was Bharat.

A communication design graduate, and a Kochiite by birth, Bharat captures the local essence of his surroundings with camera. He's passionate about filmmaking and cinematography, with a mix of music videos and short films in his portfolio.

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Intern: Programmes & Interpretation, 2021

Aakanksha Tated

The project's two new initiatives were possible with Aakansha's extensive research and practical ideas. These are 'MuMe Matters' and 'MuMe Meetup'.

Aakanksha has also planned a Club, tours and more exciting ways for the project to connect to several audiences, globally. Lots of future plans :)

As a student of history and heritage, Aakanksha has a keen interest in exploring myriad facets of various cultures. She considers herself a memory hoarder, hoping to document the mundane moments around her. You would generally find her gallivanting across town to explore museums, art galleries and monuments or simply binge-watching.

Apply to us!

If you would like to be part of our project then kindly email us your resume, portfolio and how you would like to contribute.

We will include you if you sync with our project requirements, at that time.

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