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Netra Madhu


Ellora Caves, Aurangabad dist.


Children, Indian

My Story from The Elora Caves

The Elora Caves are filled with carvings, each carving having its own uniqueness to it, Each carving also has its own story to it . Just as we enter the caves we see huge panels( back to back ), one depicting the Ramayan and the other depicting the Mahabharat. But the stories of Ramayan and Mahabharat is something we all grow up listening to. Right next to the rectangular wall depicting Ramayan there was huge carving showing the story of Ravan trying to move Kailash parvat to Sri Lanka. In the picture, Ravan had 10 heads and 20 hands that depicted how wise and powerful he was respectively. The story goes something like this : Ravan was a very loyal devote of Shiva. He used to travel all the way from Sri Lanka to Kailash parvat every day to offer his prayers. One day it struck Ravan that is he transported the Kailash parvat to Sri Lanka, he wouldn't have to travel so far every day. So with the power of his 20 hands he tries to pick the parvat, but he is unsuccessful as he was stopped by Lord Shiva himself. We see in the carving that Shiva had put his foot on the ground, not letting Ravan pick the parvat. Parvati the goddess of prosperity is seen clinging to Shiva’s shoulder, scared and not wanting Ravan to win. @ Another strange thing i remember seeing the Ajanta Caves was the deathly hallows sign from harry potter. I also observed many resemblances to the Harry Potter world i wonder if J.K Rowling ever visited the Ajanta caves.

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