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Kabir Saini

Grade 5 Birla Open Minds, Kollur, Hyderabad Age - 9.5 yrs


I have been fascinated by Dinosaurs since I was 4 years old. On my 6th birthday my parents presented me a book on Dinosaurs and I read about Kotasaurus in it . It mentioned its fossil is preserved in the Birla Science Museum in Hyderabad . To my good luck we moved to Hyderabad the next year . On the very next day of our arrival in Hyderabad , as promised my parents took me to see the magnificent Kotasaurus at the Birla Science Museum . I was awestruck looking at the giant creature ( its almost 16 feet ) Despite being almost 150 million years old it is in a perfect condition.(imagine how many candles he would put on his birthday cake It is one of the finest specimen in the world. Apart from this unique fossil of the majestic animal,there are equally important fossil specimens like a clutch of Dinosaur eggs,part of a fossilized tree trunk . The Dinosaur transported me back to the Jurassic age . For now I chase my dream to be a Paleontologist and may be one day you will find new fossils and dinosaur specimens excavated by me in a museum :)

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