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Jahnavi Karnani


Albert Hall Museum, Jaipur


Team, Indian

Boasting a rich culture and history with its wide range of ancient art, sculptures, ornaments, scripts and much more, is the sprawling Albert Hall Museum located in the heart of Jaipur.
Being the first museum I had ever explored, I have a very clear visual image of my first time visiting this architectural masterpiece. Filled with enthusiasm and curiosity to learn, I was very excited to explore the museum. Having had a keen eye for detail from the very beginning, I was deeply fascinated by the intricate carving on the wooden pieces, beautiful ornaments, carpets, swords, armoury, pottery etc. However, what really caught my attention was the Egyptian mummy, placed in a huge box. I was stunned to see such things exist, back in the day. The variety of swords and arms, of different sizes and shapes, with detailed carvings and placed in velvet colours really appealed to me. The details of the miniature paintings from a variety of schools of art, Arabic calligraphy in various parts and the collection of Japanese dolls which the museum encases are worth seeing. Being a history geek, my inner Alice found her wonderland. Knowing about the backstory and history of various artefacts really fascinated me.
Museums are powerhouses of knowledge, history and other fun facts that one must know. Every time a relative visits Jaipur, I make sure they have visited The Albert Hall museum. I take so much pride in being a part of the city, a community, which shares such a glorious, rich and diverse history.

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