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'The Museum Memories Project' connects to museums and their staff, and professionals from the heritage and culture sector to present a behind-the-scene story of their work. Have you subscribed to our YouTube channel?

'Museum Musafir': A Museum Insider's Tale
Partnership with museums

Lively discussions with museum staff who share their favourite memories, artefacts and spaces from their own museums. It helps bring people closer to museum professionals and ensuring these museums remain in their memories.

Email to partner with us.

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Impresario: A Heritage Foundry

Our YouTube channel has a component called 'Impresario: The Heritage Foundry' - it has a series of interviews with experts from the museum, heritage, arts, architecture, design and crafts sectors.

They explain the painstaking process behind preservation of cultural heritage through examples.

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MuMe Matters

Monthly discussions with practitioners and professionals who disclose the challenges that they faced on difficult topics and share how they found solutions from their experience.

It helps include diverse communities within museums and make them more accessible.

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